Harvest of the Heart

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Praise for “Harvest of the Heart”

“This is a terrific story! The fast pacing and nicely handled scene switches keep us turning pages. The scenes with the Harvester and his victims are truly chilling.” – Bill Thompson, Editor for Stephen King, John Grisham & many more.

              “Five Stars – Harvest of the Heart is a compelling read… a tightly written suspense novel. I liked the thought-provoking ending.”  –  Readers Favorite Review

“I loved the characters in your book, I truly couldn’t put it down, you really kept me wanting more. I think you probably could have dragged the whole story out over a couple of books but am glad you didn’t! I think it would make for a really good series on TV. I loved how the running felt like a natural part of the story.”  –  Ann Greene

“Harvest of the Heart is a 5/5 It’s a book written by a talented writer. You feel empathy for Elsa even when you don’t always agree with her methods. It’s full of suspense and mystery and you find that you don’t want it to end because it’s such an enjoyable read.”  –  Gill Shutt

I’ve never read a mystery/thriller book before. I usually choose historical fiction and historical non-fiction. Since I really have nothing to compare this book to my opinion is unsullied by other authors. I loved it! I thought it was well written. The descriptions were easy to formulate in my mind and the plot was well thought out. I cannot wait for more books from this author…and a sequel to this one! –  Carrie S.

Harvest of the Heart

Elsa is a young girl born with an unusual and very special connection with her mother. As a four-year-old, she is traumatized when her mother is the first victim of a serial killer later known as the Harvester. Although the horrific memory is suppressed, it has a dramatic impact on the rest of her life.

She and her father learn to move on and find happiness, but each Fall the Harvester strikes again, reviving the pain. Despite this and other heart-wrenching tragedies that befall her, Elsa develops into a strong, loving, and determined young woman, though one with a darkness lurking inside her mind.

Bored FBI Cadet Paul Demerov answers a call that changes his life and triggers a meteoric rise that links his career with the murderous reign of an infamous serial killer. As years pass and the Harvester kills again and again, the nightmares start; a mysterious red-head haunts his sleep. Can he save her from the monster that wants to harvest her heart?

Twenty years after her mother was ripped from her life, the Harvester continues to claim victims and elude the FBI. Elsa decides to take the law into her own hands. She adopts an alias and devotes her life to killing the Harvester, drawing him out by making herself a potential victim. Training, discipline, and tapping into that darkness within her, have made her a dangerous weapon; a weapon that finds more than one target.