Current Projects

Running Scared – Due for soft release on March 26! Getting Close!

Avenging Angel, Book Two of The Elsa Chronicles – I’m over 12,000 words into this sequel to Harvest of the Heart.  Recently, my muse been gearing up for a big push and I expect to complete the first draft over the next few months. The release is scheduled for the fall. This novel will drift toward the political thriller genre. My overly ambitious goal for The Elsa Chronicles is to cover a wide range of genres as the series advances.

The Moonlight Shepherd – This completed, three thousand word short story is the start/set-up for a literary novel about which I am very excited. It is about a little girl named Rachel who thinks she sees Jesus on the prairie under the bright moonlight. An opportunistic evangelist sees in her a chance to increase his market share. The result is both dramatic and thought-provoking. The novel will have a wide cast of characters who interact in some way with Rachel, who sees much of the good and bad in human nature as the story advances toward an end that is both tragic and uplifting.

Unnamed Biography – I’ve done some interviews and research in preparation for a unique biography about a Laramie-based adventure runner/philosopher. No completion date is set. It is my first biography and I want to get it right.

Memoir – Since my father’s death on February 28, I’ve advanced my consideration of a memoir that would honestly explore the strained relationship of a father and son. The tentative title would be The Practice Family – How My Father Became a Good Man. Few memoirs I’ve seen deal with, or are honest about, the father-son bond. This will require some difficult research and involves connecting with my father’s second family, one I have mostly avoided for thirty-five years.

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