The Morning Stretch #5

Animate an inanimate object. (Using words of course, this isn’t a blog for cartoonists! 🙂 ) Select an object and describe it or  its use in human terms. Don’t name the object, let your description do the work.

He groaned as the new load of firewood filled his squat, ancient frame and felt the strain in his black metal bones as they accepted the weight and remained unbroken … for now. Squeaks of pain escaped as the skin of his dirty canvas lining pinched in some places—and stretched in others—to accommodate the odd shapes of the split wood. It stung when the thread of his lining snagged and frayed as a piece of the fresh-cut loblolly pine was pulled free of his embrace and deposited in the nearby wood stove. But he breathed a sigh of relief, taking in the pleasant, smoky odor of the fire as it mixed with the pine scent of the wood he held—content that he was still able to function despite his advanced years.

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