Running with rose-colored glasses

It was another picture-perfect morning here in Laramie, Wyoming. The Snowy Range was painted a soft rose by a sun that was still below the horizon from my vantage point on the prairie. Although the rest of the beautiful blue sky was clear, above that shy sun was a selection of clouds that looked as though they were designed by an artist determined to impress me. Just above the horizon was a broad, thin swirl that looked like cream spun into coffee–if coffee was blue.

My granddaughter Kate

Where the still-hiding sun reflected off this swirl it was shining like a silver Christmas ornament. Just above, a narrow contrail divided the silver-tinted art from a group of symmetrical white puff-balls that balanced on the line like a large ellipsis on a page … I was enchanted.

Although it was only fifteen degrees, I was dressed just right and the crisp air was refreshing. After two days of hard runs, my legs should have felt tired and a little achy, but the truth is, I felt great. Keeping hold of the reins so that this run would not turn into another hard one was difficult. Between the beauty of nature around me and a weekend filled with happy news from one source after another, I had energy to spare.

Dashing through the snow... sort of.

My sixth grandchild came into this world on Saturday. She is the second girl and the first for my third son, Phil, who already had three sons of his own. That my wife and I had our daughter after three boys gave a bit of synchronicity to the occasion. Phil, Tory and their daughter are healthy, happy and got home from the hospital this morning. A week from tomorrow, my wife and I will get to see them all.

Also on Saturday, in the morning, my wife and I took part in the first Snowy Range Snow Shoe races. There was a light snow throughout the event, temperatures were perfect, neither of us got hurt, and, thanks to Tom Holt pulling me along, I ended up the Wyoming State Grandmaster Champion in the 10k. On top of that, I gave away a copy of “Harvest of the Heart” as a random prize and was able to invite everyone there to my Official Book Launch on Thursday. Finally, I won a random prize myself–lunch at the Beartree Tavern and Cafe in Centennial, Wyoming.

The weekend also included running with my daughter, who is having an excellent recovery from surgery, and holding grandchild number five, who continues to amaze me with how intently he studies the new world around him.

My grandson Chaitan

All of the above is more than enough happiness for one person, but there were also good things that happened on the writing and book marketing front. “Running Scared” is finished and in the hands of a talented editor. “Harvest of the Heart” received more excellent reviews, including those from Heather Faville @ Doubleshot Reviews and Rachel Abbott @ The Kindle Book Reviews. The Kindle Version of “Harvest of the Heart” is finally available and linked to the paperback and includes the “Look Inside” feature. I was interviewed for an article in a newspaper in Maryland that will help publicize my Maryland Launch. It is beginning to look like both my Official Launch on Thursday and my Maryland Launch will be well attended.

The weekend truly did see a flood of good happenings for me. Those glasses didn’t have to be rose-colored, since everything is rosy enough right now. I’d wish for such goodness every week, except I’m not sure what I would do with so many grandchildren! 🙂 So I wish instead that everyone could experience such a weekend.

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One response to “Running with rose-colored glasses

  1. So glad you had an excellent weekend. I need to write a review as well of your book, not to say it was good or anything, but to get some of my blogging buddies who read voraciously to pick it up.
    Hope your week continues in the same vein!

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