Running in the Cold – Part 2 (A)

One of the things that makes the cold enjoyable here in Wyoming is our backyard steam sauna. Nothing chases the chill away like sitting in there for a half-hour or so. After a steaming ten minutes at 110-120 degrees, you can just step outside into the -12 degree night air, grab a handful of snow, rub down… and start all over. I must have some Scandinavian blood in me somewhere, because this is almost heaven for me. It is truly exhilarating. In the picture here, my daughter, son-in-law and I show that the cold doesn’t scare us. The steam off our bodies billows and floats away. That steam, and the flash, and maybe the camerawoman’s shivering 🙂 teamed up to create a pretty bad picture, but you get the idea. I spent an hour in and out of it… now I’m all warmed up for another sub-zero run tomorrow morning.

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