Springy legs and a moving sunrise

It was cloudy all across the wide, white, Laramie valley, except for a narrow band of clear sky near the eastern horizon. The sun was trying  to rise as I started my run; trying and failing, or so it seemed from my perspective. That narrow slot of open sky moved ever so slightly along with the rising sun, so that, for forty-five minutes, I was treated to a moving morning sunrise. At the very end of my run, the sun appeared for a brief moment, and then the sunrise turned upside down while the sun moved back into the clouds, as if setting.

During the run, I thought about how adapted I’ve become to running in the cold, (It was seven degrees this morning.) and the strategies I employ to make my runs comfortable regardless of the temperature or wind conditions. I also gave a lot of thought to how I could share those strategies. Coming soon: How to make your winter runs fun, comfortable and beneficial.

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  1. Score! Looking forward to your winter running temps…I know my Ohio weather will eventually turn to the frigid temps you’ve been running in. Not sure how I’ll stay motivated to get out there, but we’ll find out!

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