236 pages and a QR code

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A couple of important milestones on the way to the release of Harvest of the Heart were passed today. I approved the digital proof, got the page count (and therefore the spine thickness), and uploaded the final, high-quality PDF of my cover. Now there is only one important step remaining before my debut novel will be officially on the market. Sometime in the next two weeks, I’ll receive the actual physical proof of my book. Once I approve, it will only be a matter of a day or two before my book is on Amazon for all the world to buy. To say the excitement is building is an understatement.

And something else pretty cool happened today. When I got the final PDF of my cover, it had the ISBN/Barcode on it, as well as the QR code that I generated. I was able to hold my Blackberry in front of the book cover image on the computer screen, scan the QR code, and my Blackberry was directed to http://www.michael-selmer.com. How amazing is that? When my book eventually reaches libraries and book stores, any person with a smartphone could scan that code and find out so much more about the author than could ever be squeezed onto a book jacket. You can publicize new releases, personal appearances, special offers… a whole host of mobile marketing potential is available through that little box of black and white squares.

If you are an author and have the opportunity, it would be well worth your time to get a QR code of your own, link it to your author website, and include it wherever you can. The QR code generation and image production didn’t cost me a penny. The only expense I had was in the time I spent researching and setting it up. Google “free QR code generation”, it’s easy.


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3 responses to “236 pages and a QR code

  1. Shelly A

    That is great!!! Congratulations!! It is on my to read list :0)

  2. Just a thought about the QR code — instead of going straight to your website (which you’ll already have inside the book or on the back cover), link to a different landing page within the site. QR codes need to be more special — it takes just as long to type in a web address as it does to scan on some phones.

  3. Michael, QR codes are definitely the greatest thing since sliced bread:) Good luck with your book, you are a wonderful writer & amazing person!

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