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Happy Thanksgiving, Have a Dream

Meet “Pokie” Williams, born seventeen days late to an unwed, welfare mother in a hardscrabble East Texas town. As a pig-tailed fifth-grader, her winning smile and bright determination convinces a wealthy Texas industrialist to replace the crumbling auditorium at her elementary school. While just a freshman, she starts an academic club that, by the time she is a senior, has transformed her failing high school into the top-ranked school in the state. Pokie is destined to become the first woman President of the United States. But she carries a dark burden, and a malevolent force stands in her way.

I encountered Pokie in a dream last night. Her story, is in some ways, the reverse of Stephen King’s Dead Zone. Yet another book I hope to have the opportunity to write, should “Harvest of the Heart” give me the chance.

On this Thanksgiving, besides my health, my wife, my kids and my beautiful grandchildren… I am thankful for my dreams.

May all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.


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