So many choices! What to do? Have a poll!

If you haven’t been following my crazy 10-day fast during which I’ve extended my running streak to 45 days, you can catch up by clicking on “Fasting and Health” or “Running” in the Categories on the right column.


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3 responses to “So many choices! What to do? Have a poll!

  1. Jim

    Congrats Mike. Everyone’s stomach is different. I think most people just try to eat too much too soon – that’s why they get sick. Eat a little, take a break, test the waters, so to speak. Then if no distress, enjoy more of whatever (just don’t go overboard).

    And here’s something you could try – eat slowly and savor every bite. After a 10-day fast, I’m sure you’re taste buds will give you a whole new experience.

  2. Marty

    Congrats Mike! I voted for McDonalds however I also ate 3 doughnuts, 4 slices of pizza, a hot dog and three burgers from Wendy’s the day before a marathon! HA That bowl of homemade soup does soun good though! It’s proably best to introduce healthy foods back into your diet starting fresh since everything probably tastes good so there is no need for any junk! Congrats again!

  3. Janet T

    you don’t want to go too crazy….your stomach will get bloated and you’ll feel icky. take it easy and ease yourself back into solid foods. good job on the 10 day fast!

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