I am not alone

Some writers and runners are following my blog, but I’d like to get a few “fasters” to follow my blog and comment. I’ve tried going to fasting web sites and starting a discussion topic with no luck so far. Then it dawned on me to use the WordPress tag search. Goldmine! I was shocked to find so many bloggers who have done, or are in the middle of, ten-day fasts. I think I’m the only one on a water-only and also running, but all of their experiences are interesting and very similar. One fellow faster has already visited and commented and it is amazing how little things like that can help motivate during a journey such as this.

Many of the posts I read were by people doing juice fasts and I am considering changing to a juice fast and skipping the banana. Here I am at the computer and my stomach is making a fuss about the banana I just ate in preparation for my run. Maybe juice will be easier on my digestive system. It also may help me transition into a much healthier diet once I have finished the fast. I am determined to have healthier eating habits after a lifetime of a marginal, in terms of healthy, diet.

Ah! Blessed sleep! I got a full eight plus hours last night! I woke up many times, but didn’t have much trouble going back under. It is the second day in a row with sufficient sleep. I hope that will make this another higher energy day.


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4 responses to “I am not alone

  1. Good luck! I hope the juice fast will give you more energy while still allowing you to feel cleansed.

  2. Good afternoon.You are definately not alone. As a matter of fact, I am impressed that you are still able to funtion. Lol. I have been juicing for 6 days now and feel great. I just can’t imagine how I would feel on water alone. Two resouces that may help if you decide to juice are
    1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead- It is a documentary by Joe Cross. It follows Mr.Cross on his weight loss journey living on juice alone for 60 days. During his journey he learns the benifits of juicing are much greater than he first relized.
    2. http://jointhereboot.com/-This website helps me a lot to find recipes for juice. It also has soup and other vegetarian recipes.
    Good luck on the rest of your fast. I’m sure you will do great!!!

  3. Sara Christine

    Hey Michael! Thanks for introducing yourself. Yes I just completed a 14 day juice fast and out of all the different kinds of fasts I’ve tried (the master cleanse, just water, and juicing) I’ve found that for me personally I do the best and feel the best, on and after, doing a juice fast. I work, go to school and workout at the gym so its important for me to be able to focus and be mobile during a fast… unfortunately life doesn’t just stop while you fast for 2 weeks. If you do decide to switch to a juice fast I recommend juicing as many green veggies as possible because they tend to have less sugar in them… this last fast I drank a combo juice of chard, kale, spinach, radish and radish greens, cucumber, beet greens and limited amounts of beets, carrots and tomatoes, all of which came from my organic garden. I will admit it doesn’t taste like a five star gourmet meal but it kept me going throughout the day. Doing the water fast I always lost way too much weight to even finish the fast, and for me fasting is about cleansing and replenishing, not weight loss. A few tips … always listen to your body …. if you feel like you’re gonna die, stop fasting. Drink lots of water… I’ve always found around day 7, 8 I just don’t want to drink anything and end up forcing myself to drink… Its always a good idea to drink a laxative tea like “Smooth Move” to keep your “flow” regular throughout your fast… and last, my mantra “You have the rest of your life to eat that… don’t give up now!” Good luck Michael! =) Oh and when you come off your fast be super careful with what you put in your mouth otherwise you will pay in pain!!

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