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Running fast – Day 5, I’m Alive!

The Hooters, Parkenfestivalen 2011

The negative side-effects of fasting is what this post was supposed to be about. But I can’t write that one, not today. Here’s why-

The Hooters in 2007

It is likely that the younger people reading this post will not have heard of the Hooters and maybe some of you older ones, too. They were a mildly successful band and had some hits in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They were more popular in Europe than the States. But they reformed in 2001 and released a new album in 2007 called Time Stand Still. I love the title of the album because that’s what many of us older folk would love to have happen. On the album is a song I have on my running play list called “I’m Alive”. It is a celebration of getting older and better. One of the lines is: “I’m looking older now than when I was a kid, but I’m feeling younger now than I ever did.”

In the middle of a ten-day fast where I am attempting to continue working and running, it is miraculous that I can feel that way. How did it happen?

I felt more like crying than singing this morning when I woke up. The end of the fast seemed a long way off and I was beginning to have some doubt that I would make it. My digital draft for “Harvest of the Heart” came late yesterday afternoon and there is so much I need to accomplish over the next week. In hindsight, I should have better considered the timing for this fast, and perhaps waited to start. I got about seven hours sleep last night, which is slightly less than I had gotten in the previous three nights combined. Still, I woke up exhausted.  Eating my daily banana brought forth a similar reaction as it did yesterday- bleh. The weather looked to be nasty as it has throughout the fast.

A short, but very touching e-mail from my son, Phil, started the turn-around. Then I got an e-mail with a link to an interview that I had done earlier in the week on a site called Crazy Lady with a Pen . The interview went up today and was quickly picked up by another website- A Place for Writers. I hadn’t expected anything to come of the interview, so this small thing made me feel like good things are happening. With those boosts, I decided that it was a good time to get my run in. Imagine my surprise when I found the temps were approaching forty and the wind was in the mid-teens; not the low thirties and mid-twenties.

I was feeling understandably weak, but my attitude had improved immensely. I told my wife I was headed out so that she could keep an eye on me during the run. She can see a large percentage of my run across the prairie from her home-office window.

Almost as soon as I set foot out the door, I could feel the difference.  I hadn’t gotten out of our driveway when I knew that a corner had been turned. I went right instead of left and added a little distance to the run. Mind you, I didn’t feel strong by any stretch. When you are fasting you are aware of every part of your body to a much higher degree. It is like every inch of your body is clamoring for attention; not hurting really, just there in a different way.  At least this is true for me. So I was aware of the lack of energy in every muscle in my body.

But I also was hit by that feeling of lightness that was, in part, a natural result of the ten pounds I have lost so far. My legs were overjoyed at the reduced burden. This run felt better on my legs than any run I’ve had in… I don’t know, I can’t remember when my legs felt this good. If there had been any source of fuel, who knows how far I could have gone? Without energy, the run was still slow, but I put in five strides during it and my legs loved it.

The strength, resilience and spirit that rest, untapped, inside of a human body never ceases to amaze me and this fast is helping to remind me of that. If the reasons I put forth yesterday weren’t sufficient, this one is… for me.


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