Running Fast – Day 3, nature lends a hand

The sky was as heavy as my legs and I knew I was in trouble. I was running with a thirty-mile-per-hour wind at my back and still I was laboring, feeling drained of energy. My mood was as grey as the clouds over my head. Yesterday’s 105-calorie banana lasted two-and-a-half miles; today’s ran out after only a half-mile. Would I even be able to move once I reached the turn-around and headed back into the wind? As often happens, I circled around and was greeted by a vista that took my mind off my hunger and my exhaustion. Though the rising sun was hidden behind the clouds, the distant Snowy Mountains of Wyoming, draped in a thin mist, glowed an enchanting pink.

Lake Marie and the Snowy Mountains

I have witnessed so many scenes here in Wyoming that inspire awe at the beauty of nature, but I’m not becoming inured to the effect they have on me.  As I returned slowly westward, the long, horizontal band of sun which brightened the landscape inched toward me. I imagined running until I reached the sun and basked in its warmth; but the narrow strip was still twenty miles away and even I am not crazy enough to think I possessed the energy to reach it.

Among the effects of the fast that began showing themselves today is the nasty taste in my mouth; kind of like morning breath, only worse. It hasn’t reached the horrid stage yet, but it will. Brushing my teeth three times a day won’t be enough later in the week; I’ll be brushing my teeth and gargling all day long. I also have to be careful about standing up too quickly. Fasting causes your body to go into a state similar to hibernation in that your systems slow down to preserve energy. If you are interested in more, you can find a wide variety of opinions and information on the internet. and are two places to start.

I’m feeling pretty good now. The next day or two will have some tough periods, but I’m looking forward to that light, almost spiritual feeling that pervaded me starting around the fifth day when I did this in March. In my next post, I’ll include my observations and opinions about the detoxification effect of fasting. The topic is controversial within the medical community.

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2 responses to “Running Fast – Day 3, nature lends a hand

  1. Glad you made it through your run. I am looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

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