Running fast – Day 1

I had considered starting a separate blog for this, but I really have too much going on to worry about maintaining two blogs. Besides, I am as interested in seeing how the fast affects my writing as well as my running.

At the request of many of my friends on Dailymile, I have decided to blog about the fast that I started last night. This isn’t going to be a total fast because I plan on eating one banana every day approximately one hour before my run. I’m hoping that, as the fast continues, this will help to prevent my body from¬†cannibalizing my muscles for energy while I am running. I’ll also be taking one multi-vitamin and one calcium pill every day. One of the important things about a fast like this is to continue drinking lots of water; I did this very well today.

The run was not difficult at all. I did not really feel any more tired than I would have otherwise. In fact, I had planned on only going two miles, but went almost three.

Now I am approaching twenty-four hours without any food. I skipped the banana this first day, because I knew my stores of fat were sufficient. In reality, I suspect they are good for a couple of days as long as my physical activity other than the run is limited. The only negative, which was expected, is I have a low-level, continuous headache. When I did this in March, the headache went away before the end of the second day.

Of course, the hardest part was coming upstairs and finding my wife Kathleen, daughter Carrie, and son-in-law Sid eating dinner. It was simple fare, but regardless, I could not keep my eyes off those tater-tots.


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3 responses to “Running fast – Day 1

  1. Good luck with your plan. Variety is a good type of blogging and I think different topics are good.

  2. Good for you — takes dedication — are you following any specific regime or is it just a straight 10 day fast?

    • Welcome! Thanks for the comment. I am eating one banana a day about one hour before my run and taking a multi-vitamin and calcium pill. Other than that it is water. An explanation for the whole crazy exercise is coming tomorrow… if I can come up with one!:-)

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