In Search of Direction

Now that I have committed to having a blog, ideas for posts hit me several times a day. I’ve begun to write some of them and save them as drafts, hesitant to post them because I don’t know what direction I want my blog to take.

I’ve seen so many types of blogs; blogs that track an author’s progress toward publication, blogs that are simply writing exercises, blogs that review books; some blogs that comment on news, fashion, politics, sports; there are blogs that offer advice and blogs that are a conduit for other blogs. Some blogs are a jumble of  disconnected thoughts while others are tightly focused.

As an author, what do I want my blog to be?

There, the question has been asked. I know it is up to me to provide an answer… and quickly. My book launch is getting closer. Once I have more than a handful of people following me, I better know what I am doing.

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