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I feel like an incredibly lucky man today and I want to share that luck with you. No matter what you are doing, I hope it gives you that little extra you need. I’m fifty-five and now have five healthy grandchildren, four great kids who are smart, healthy, intelligent and successful, and a beautiful wife who I love (and she even loves me back!)

I am not a superstitious man. I may believe in some form of symmetry and synchronicity in life, but not in any formal or concrete way. For the most part, I kind of just take life as it comes. The events I am about to relate might seem interesting to some and eerie to others, but I swear on my honor as a grandfather that they are true.

According to the official paperwork, my newest grandson, Chaitan, was born at 3:03 a.m. today, November 4, 2011. Chaitan (seven letters) weighed exactly seven pounds. This morning, after my wife and I had returned to the hotel to get a few hours sleep, I was considering running 3.03 miles in honor of Chaitan. Instead, we checked out, went back to the hospital and spent some more time with Carrie, Sid and our new grandson.

On the way out of town, we stopped to get some lottery tickets. We often will get a couple when we are in Colorado, you know, just in case good fortune chose that day to smile on us. My tongue-in-cheek belief in synchronicity had me planning to buy three MegaMillions, three Powerball and three Matchplay (you can pick three numbers) tickets. I told the clerk that I wanted quick-pick (meaning I did NOT pick the numbers) and she went to the machine and started punching buttons. The humming and pecking started… and then hiccupped and came to a halt. She opened up the machine and pulled some of the ticket paper out and ripped the end off.

When she came back to me, she handed me one piece of paper with my three quick-pick MegaMillions numbers and said “Sorry, the machine ran out of paper so I can’t sell you the others.” My three numbers were on the paper, marked A, B, and C. On the ‘A’ line, the MegaBall number was 30 and the first number was 3… 30 3, 3:03. I thought, “Interesting maybe, but, you know… big deal.” On the ‘C’ line, the last number was 55, the first number… 5. Fifty-five years old, five grandchildren. Interesting.

We got home before noon and I started editing pictures and getting them posted. The afternoon was turning nice and I wanted to get my run in, so I hurried. After I was done, I changed and headed out for my run. There was enough synchronicity with the 3:03, so I intended to go exactly seven miles now, in honor of Chaitan’s seven pounds. I was well on my way when I thought, “Dummy! You should have waited until 3:03 to start the run, that would have been cool.” I hadn’t looked at the time when I left, just started my Garmin and left. I truly thought it was maybe 1:30, 2:00 at the latest. I looked at my Garmin, I was running 9:00 minute pace and I had two miles to go before the turn around at 3.5 miles. I switched it to watch mode and the time was 2:45. I got goose bumps on my legs, and not because of the cool, stiff breeze. If I maintained that exact pace, I would reach the 3.5 mile mark at exactly 3:03.

You can bet I maintained. But I missed 3:03… by four seconds. 3:03.04. Today, November 4, was quite a day.

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